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What is the survey about?

What major does this survey mainly focus on? One survey for all fields or can choose the specific fields as required?

Hung Le - Jan 28, 2021
Expert Hoa Nguyen replies

Talentnet-Mercer survey has the largest data source in Vietnam, covering 16 industries (Banking, FMCG, High-Tech, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Insurance...,) from more than 600 clients are large foreign and Vietnamese companies, providing the most complete and relevant data for effective workforce management.
The data collection questionnaire for the Salary Survey is used globally and has been adjusted to suit the Vietnamese market. The questionnaire will collect data on company information; data of each employee with salary, allowance, bonus; short-term and long-term bonus policies and some popular welfare policies such as: car policy, health insurance policy, life insurance and accident insurance, flexible welfare policy, etc.

May 24, 2021
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