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HR Consulting

Our HR consultants with solid experience can offers variety products of HR consulting service in Vietnam
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About HR Consulting Service

•    We have been working closely with many big local Vietnamese, Multinational companies and State-owned companies across more than ten industries.
•    We can provide solutions that best meet clients’ needs thanks to our great combination of global methodologies and local insights.
•    We can have a team of both Mercer expat HR consultants and local HR consultants for big projects if required.
•    We have a good team of HR consultants with solid experience in HR consulting fields and high level of professionalism.
•    We have high level of commitment and customer service to always deliver project outcomes as promised with excellent quality.
•    We provide continuous post project support so that clients can implement the new system successfully.

Our Services

Employee engagement is a critical factor in driving overall productivity and success. Engaged employees are distinguished by their unwavering dedication, enthusiasm towards their work, and proactive contributions towards the organisation's success. By implementing effective strategies, companies can foster a culture of engagement, leading to improved talent satisfaction, heightened performance, and a positive work environment.

Employee Engagement Survey

With this solution, clients can expect the following benefits:

  • Obtain truthful insights into the employee engagement level.
  • 52 well-researched questions across 9 dimensions for comprehensive & objective analysis.
  • Real-time responses tracking of employee for up-to-date information.

Talentnet representatives also officially introduced "DOWNSIZING & RESTRUCTURING HR CONSULTING SERVICES". With this advisory service, Talentnet will conduct in-depth research on current business situations, legal framework, labor workforce, impacts caused by the pandemic, etc., then propose a comprehensive plan and carry out the implementation following specific requirements of the businesses. 

Please click on the button below for more information about the new consulting service "DOWNSIZING & RESTRUCTURING HR CONSULTING SERVICES"

•    Determine the size of a position by using Mercer methodology (eIPE) which is commonly used in Vietnam and many countries around the world
•    Compare companies’ current pay with the market accurately thanks to our biggest compensation database in the market
•    Build a suitable, internally fair & externally competitive salary structure
•    Build a salary increase matrix to distribute the salary increase budget for each employee.

•    Closely link employees’ KPI to department objectives and to corporate KPIs
•    Help performance appraisal results to be clear and agreeable between the appraiser and the appraise.
•    Increase consistency and fairness between different managers when setting KPIs and rating employee's performance
•    Build a general competency framework based on corporate core values and company culture.

•    Compare benefits with market, based on our biggest benefits database to understand its competitiveness
•    Recommend on changes of benefits in order to maximize the use of companies’ benefits budget.

•    Suggest bonus budget based on best market practices and companies’ strategy.
•    Distribute the bonus budget effectively to individuals to motivate employees to contribute more to the organization.

Matrix of PE Results
HR Consulting - 1
Mercer 3P Frameworks
HR Consulting - 2

Mettl's online assessment tools provide solutions that help businesses make people decisions across their employees' lifecycle:

• Search and engage with potential candidates: online hackathons and contests.
• Recruit new graduate students and experienced candidates through personality tests and competency tests (professional skills, soft skills, leadership skills).
• Learning & development: Pre & post training skill gap assessment.
• Organizational design: leadership assessment, succession planning, HIPO identification, online 360-degree feedback.

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    Talentnet, especially the recruitment consultant team always make me trust and pleased with their efficiency and high quality service.

    Ms. Truong Hong Thuy
    HR Business Partner & Talent Acquisition Manager, Standard Chartered Bank,

    High level of professionalism, market understanding, dedication to what you do, and a great deal of customer orientation that do not always exist in many other places

    Ms. Alexis Pham
    HR Head, British American Tobacco,

    Both the functional & technical consultants were knowledgeable, engaging, willing, & flexible. Talentnet team was able to work through the difficulties & meet our requirements.

    Mr. Ian Hastings
    IT Director, Johnson & Johnson,

    Complete willingness to engage with us from the very beginning & throughout the entire project; thoroughly professional and competent team members – technical, functional & project management; and ability to add value across the entire business process chain.

    Mr. Ian Hastings
    IT Director, Johnson & Johnson,

    Solve immediate customer problems, provide great client service, ensure customer service agreements.

    Mr. Huynh Nhan Hieu
    HR Manager-Talent Acquisition, GSK,