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Mercer Total Reward Package
Training Workshop
This 9-workshop program offers a comprehensive understanding of C&B as well as strengthens your capabilities based on specific issues while implementing and designing compensation programs.
48,000,000 VND

About this product

•    Training schedule: One-day workshop (details below)
•    Time: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
•    Venue: (details below)
•    Fee: VND 48,000,000 (VAT included) - Saving 6,600,000 VND

With the completed Mercer certification in your hands, you can be certified as an HR professional and get recognized in every place with Mercer's presence in over 130 countries.


•    Strengthen your skills as a Total Rewards Professional 
•    Shape your career with the critical skills to design & manage reward programs 
•    Practice-driven content by subject matter experts 
•    Mercer’s compensation workshops are certified by WorldatWork - a global association for human resources management professionals and business leaders focused on attracting, motivating, and retaining employees


HR and C&B professionals who are involved in developing, managing and facilitating compensation programs and rewards policy for the organization.


Mercer Total Reward Certification will be issued to registrants who successfully attend and complete below workshops:

Workshop 01: Building Fundamentals of Compensation

This workshop provides in-depth education on the fundamentals of compensation that align with business strategies.

Workshop 02: Getting Started with Benefits

This workshop is designed to help HR professionals learn the what, why and how around designing a effective and comprehensive employee benefits program.

Workshop 03: Position Evaluation Using Mercer IPE Methodology

This workshop provides solid understanding about methodologies of Mercer International Position Evaluation (IPE).

Workshop 04: Designing Grades and Salary Structure

This workshop provides knowledge on structuring and positioning the organization's pay structure.

Workshop 05: Workforce Metrics & Analytics

This workshop is designed to provide a detailed roadmap for effectively leveraging metrics and analytics in your organization

Workshop 06: Pay for Performance: Sales Incentives Design

This workshop provides knowledge on 11 steps of designing a comprehensive sales incentive program to help drive the right behaviors from the salesforce.

Workshop 07: Pay for Performance: Short-term Incentives & Variable Pay

This workshop provides understanding on the shift from merit salary increases to variable pay, and create long-term rewards plan. 

Workshop 08: Pay for Performance: Designing Salary Increment Matrix

This workshop provides knowledge of Mercer methodologies on planning & budgeting organization’s pay structure and how to develop an annual increment matrix

Workshop 09: Advanced Total Rewards Strategy

This workshop is designed as a learning platform to provide practical solutions and best practices in formulating a Total Rewards strategy.


Mr. Thái Thanh Tân


Please download the brochure below or visit the individual course product pages on Eshop for detailed information.